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MAiNGO Settings

The documentation of all available settings can be found on the page of the Settings struct.

When using the C++ or Python APIs of MAiNGO, settings can be changed via set_option function or read from a file via the read_settings function. If no file name is given to read_settings, the default file name is MAiNGOSettings.txt. An example for such a settings file can be found at examples/MAiNGOSettings.txt.

In the example main file for the C++-API, examples/mainCppApi.cpp, the name of the desired settings file is read as optional (first and only) command line argument. If a file name is specified this way, MAiNGO will attempt to open a file of this name in the current working directory (i.e., typically where your MAiNGOcpp executable is). If this file is not found, it will display a warning and continue with default settings. If not file name is specified, MAiNGO will instead use the file MAiNGOSettings.txt if it exists in the working directory.

Similarly, in the example main file for using text input based on ALE, examples/mainAleParser.cpp, the settings file name is read as optional second command line argument after the name of the input file containing the problem definition (cf. Modeling with ALE).